What's the special thing that bonds great souls such as Picasso, Dumas and Hemingway?
Well, Art is the obvious answer, but there's something even deeper: the passion for Bicerin.
Don't you know about it? Don't worry, cause Torino is the city where you can taste it!
Yes, taste! The Bicerin, whose name in piedmontese means “little glass”, is an hot and analcoholic beverage, served, ironically, in big and round glasses.
The original recipe is closely guarded by the historical coffee bar that claims his invention, "Caffè al Bicerin", but other coffee shops serve it with little variations in the doses of the ingredients; these are simple and delicious: homemade chocolate, coffee and milk cream.
They mix in a tasty and beautiful blend of flavours and colors, making the Bicerin a joy for multiple senses!