Fetta di polenta

Casa Scaccabarozzi, known better as “Fetta di polenta” (polenta slice) is surely one of the most interesting buildings of the city. 

The building is located in the neighbourhood of Vanchiglia and it was designed in 1840 by Alessandro Antonelli, the famous designer of the Mole Antonelliana. He had received the small building land as compensation for  his work, he tried to buy the near one but his neighbours did not want to sell it to him and so he decided that he would have built his palace in that small space.
It was more like a challenge or a bet for him, a bet that he surely won.
The building is composed by 9 floors, 2 of which are underground, linked by a spiral staircase. It has the shape of a trapezoid/triangle and it looks even more exceptional if we think about its dimensions (16mX5mX54cm). The name that people from Turin usually use to call this building (“polenta slice”) derives from its strange shape that reminds of an actual slice of polenta and because of its characteristic yellow colour.
The actual bulding takes its name from Antonelli’s wife: Francesca Scaccabarozzi, with whom Antonelli lived in this building some years because no one wanted to live in it, fearing a collapse of that extremely unusual residence.