Messer Tulipano

Messer Tulipano is a great occasion to dive in a world of colorful flowers. 

Every year, more than 100.000 beautiful and curious flowers of different varieties are ready to surround people every year in the gardens of Pralormo Castle. 

The theme of the year is "Cacciatori di Piante" (Plants Hunters). In the athmosphere of the jungle among sounds, scents and images, through the reconstruction of a ship's hold, you will discover the risky, long and extraordinary jouney of the Botanists toward the discovery of new and rare plants, flowers, spices during the XVIII, XIX and XX centuries. 

The other theme is the story of tulips. An entire path will be dedicated to Turkey (birthplace of Tulips), sultans and ancestors of tulips. 
You will see also the reinterpretation of a Dutch garden, modern iconic country of tulips. During the event the doors of the Castle will be open to visitors.