As a result of the outbreak, we were forced to temporarily close our sections and to cancel several activities that were planned to make this semester unforgettable to thousands of students. Additionally, due to legal constraints or because some partner companies went on layoff, ESN could no longer provide discounts to all the students that acquired an ESNcard recently, mostly for services like travel and accommodation.


Despite the limitations, we did not forget about the students and the network quickly reacted and started making activities on online platforms. We made social distancing a little bit less distant and reminded students that their Erasmus experience is not over yet. 


In the same context, ESN International is also doing every possible action to compensate for all the challenges they have been facing lately. And this is why we would like to announce that we are extending the online expiration date for ESNcard holders for 6 more months.


How will this work?


Starting today:

  • You can find this banner at;

  • We’ve created an article at with the very essential information about the extension;

  • All the students subscribing the ESNcard newsletter will also receive an update via email with all the information regarding the extension;

  • We will communicate the extension in ESN International social media channels and we urge you to share this information as much as possible


What do you need to know?


  • The extension is only valid for ESNcards that were registered online between the 1st of August 2019 and 16th of April 2020;

  • The extension is only applicable for online discounts;*

  • The extension applies for the online expiration date only (the one in account) and does not apply for the physical card or the membership in your local ESN section (according to date written in the card);

  • If international students have any questions you can redirect them to


* If you would like to apply this extension for your local and national discounts, feel free to do it, but make sure that have well-settled agreements with your partners and that you communicate this clearly to the students.


National Treasurers, National Partnership Managers and National ESNcard Coordinators have been informed about these changes beforehand, so in case you have doubts on how this change influences your national context we advise you to contact them for further clarification.

And if you have any questions regarding the process, please write to


Let's always remember that everything we are doing is driven by the wish to improve international students' experience abroad. We wanted to thank you for the hard work you are putting these days and we hope that this action will make things easier for everyone during this situation.