When you get your ESNcard, you need to register it on https://esncard.org to get your discounts.

On your personal page you will find all our partnerships and discounts.

Concerning Ryanair, if you don't have an account yet, you have to create one, login using username and password (NOT Facebook or Google login), insert in the Erasmus section all the data EXACTLY the same as the ones you entered on esncard.org (same name, last name, same accents, same upper / lower case letters, etc) and add the number of your card!

The system will tell you that ESN is checking your data and after some time (refreshing the page) you should be able to book your discounted flights.

Pay attention to put as your "home university" on the Ryanair site your home country university (not Torino).

Due to the high number of subscriptions, Ryanair website had some technical problems. So, if the new users still have some problems with their personal account, first of all, make sure you put the same information on both the websites (ESNcard.org and Ryanair). If they match, then keep trying to add your information on Ryanair profile and after 4/5 times, the system should accept your data and you should be able to use your discounts.

For a more detailed description you can follow all the steps described on this web page: https://esncard.org/ryanair.
Some users noticed that despite the fact that the ESNcard was still being validated on Ryanair website, the discount was applied anyway.

It can help also to change some data in the account and save it, in order for system to retry the validation.

The registration and discount management system is totally independent and disconnected from ESN Torino.

In case of problems please contact those in charge of managing the platform here: https://esncard.org/contact or you can send an email in English to info@esncard.org