Alice Panico
Alice Panico - President

Studies: Law

Erasmus: Łódź, Poland

Languages: Italian, English

Passions: eating many many fries, taking portraits, travel and discover new cultures, listening pop and pop-rock music, nature


Alessandro Di Renzo
Vice President
Alessandro Di Renzo - Vice President

Studies: Architecture

Erasmus: Lausanne, Switzerland

Languages: Italian, French, English, German

Passions: analog photography, mountain, architecture, bike, travelling, politics

Gabriele Ruggiero
Gabriele Ruggiero - Secretary

Studies: Chemical and sustainable processes engineering

Erasmus: Goteborg, Sweden

Languages: Italian, English

Passions: cook and eat, read and gather with people

Andrea Morello
Andrea Morello - Treasurer

Studies: Economics

Erasmus: Rovaniemi, Finland

Languages: Italian, English

Passions: philosophical and historical books, comics, trekking and biking

Gabriele Barranca
Communication Manager
Gabriele Barranca - Communication Manager

Studies: Languages and cultures applied in Tourism

Abroad Experience: Gran Canaria

Languages: Italian, English, Spanish, French

Passions: learning new languages, taking pictures, running and swimming

Jacopo Di Nardo
Event Manager
Jacopo Di Nardo - Event Manager

Studies: Computer Science

Experiences abroad: Los Angeles, USA - Perth, Australia 

Languages: Italian, English, Spanish

Passions: technology, outdoor life, skiing, travel, meet new people