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What is the Buddy System?

The Buddy System is a link between Erasmus and local students and is based on the principles of volunteer work and intercultural exchange.

Buddies are local students that want to welcome Erasmus students and help them get settled in Torino.
This can be for example by: answering questions before the Erasmus student arrival, helping to find the way around the city, or simply by hanging out and getting an inside look on the student life in Torino.

Erasmus students benefit primarily from all the help they get settling in. The first few weeks are known to be the hardest for any Erasmus, when facing a different country, language, new habits. That's where the Buddy System jumps in. On the other hand, having a Buddy may be of some help in terms of making friends in the local student community and to expand the Erasmus experience in Torino.

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